100,000,000 Lives. Transformed.

In the last 5 years, GD SURYA products have create impact on solar energy resources. We envision a brighter future where all people are empowered to enjoy the quality of life that comes with access to affordable and sustainable products.

Make Life Brighter

More than 2 billion people around the world live without reliable access to electricity. Through the deployment of sustainable products,GD SURYA has empowered over 100 million lives and offset 23 million tons of CO2. And we're just getting started.

  • 100 million

    lives empowered
  • 23 million

    tons of CO2 offset
  • $4.1 billion

    $ Saved in Energy Expenditures
Solar innovator d.light impacts 100 million lives

Solar Products GD SURYA impacts 100 million lives

World Economic Forum, DavosOur products wish to start the change the world for using renewable energy resource products its very useful for environment

GD SURYA welcomes investment from Shell on its journey to impact 100 million lives

Shell’s investment will support GD SURYA in its next phase of continued profitable growth as it positively impacts millions of customers, while giving several early investors a successful exit

Energy Independence

Since each system does not rely on the grid power, you are in complete control of your solar powered light. If you require the light to operate only certain times, our range of control options will allow you to program exactly what you require. And if the power goes down around you, your light will still shine on, never relying on anything else but the sun.

Why GD Surya

GD SURYA products are available in over 25,000 retail outlets around the globe. You can also purchase products online through the links below.
  • The Ecofriendly Way

    We believe in switching to a smart way but in an ecological way. A brand which has been born into mother nature.

  • Lighter and Durable

    Our products have been a
    revolution and are far superior
    to the conventional lights. They are
    power saving, long lasting.

  • Tested and Verified

    We have our products tested and verified by our highly efficient R&D team,including experienced engineers and designers.

Our Certifications